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Some Letters The Poetry Lady
has received from Students

I love to write poetry I was so glad that you came to my school today I go to Belle Ann Elementary. I love the way you took 4 phrases from 4 different poems and put them together.
That's way cool.

Belle Ann Elementary, Ortonville

I love your poems!

Alexis Nicole
Apollo Elementary, Highland

Hi Poetry Lady,
I had so much fun during your school visit. The workshop was very interesting. I learned stuff I have never learned before. I wrote it all down. My favorite poem was the one where the girl paints the house green. That was funny. I would just like to thank you for coming today.

Baker Elementary, Milford

Dear Poetry Lady,
I thank you for putting my poem on your Internet. I really liked your stuff when you came to my school. Happy writing!

St. Angela School, Roseville

Hi, My name is Jacob. I am 8 years old and I am in 3rd grade. I like your book. I haven’t read it all yet, but I will read it all, you can bet your bottom dollar.

Well, I gotta run.

Dort Elementary, Roseville

You visited our school today. I was just stopping through to say I really enjoyed you today. You encourage us young writers to follow our dreams.


Huron Park Elementary, Roseville

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