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Links to Other Sites
Here are some other great sites for kids and teachers to visit:

Funny Poems
A selection of poems from A to Z, from anniversary poems to zoo poems, also by The Poetry Lady, Denise Rodgers.

River Road Publications, Inc.
Your source for books and inforamtion about the Great Lakes and US History for the social studies classroom. (And not so incidentally, the publisher of The Poetry Lady's upcoming collection, "Great Lakes Rhythm & Rhyme."

Otter Books
The web site of Shelley Lazarus, Michigan author of "Hockey Town Hero: The Steve Yzerman Story"

Michigan SCBWI
The Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators. A great site to find authors -- and to get information about writing for chidlren, writer's groups, etc.

The national chapter of the Society of Children's Book Writers & Ilustrators.

Jim Ives
An amazing amateur astronomer, hosts his own web site with amazing photographs he takes of the cosmos.

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