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Pine Tree Elementary ~ Lake Orion, Michigan

The following two "rhyming acrostic" poems were written in Poetry Workshops at Pine Tree Elementary:

The Fourth Grade Poem.


Darling dogs make me smile in the sun.

Oh, my gosh, they're lot's of fun.

Order you to give them treats.

They also like a lot of meats.

Gee, they never settle down.

They always want to play around.

The Fifth Grade Poem:


igs are pink like bubblegum,

As they sit on their tiny bums.

I like their ribs.

I need a bib.

Grunty as a grandpa snoring.

Pigs are loud and really boring!

Here are two poems submitted by Jayme C.:


A lime is a lime

That’s where I start my rhyme

A lime is green

It is the color of a bean

If you pick a one right on time

I’m sure that will be, one fresh lime

Lime this

Lime that

I like the juiciest ones, you can tell because they’ll be very fat

That’s the lime rhyme


Lemons are very sour

First they come from a beautiful flower

They come off a tree

How bad could they be?

Lemons are the color of the bright sun

You can even use it as a football

That sure would be fun

When a lemon is ripened, then you may pick

The sour and juicy ness you will taste when you take the fist lick

Lemons are a great thing to pick

A lemon comes from a leaf and a stick

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