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Lakeside Intermediate School ~ Ashtabula, Ohio
The delightful people of After School Discovery invited The Poetry Lady to conduct an after-school Poetry Workshop. The following poems are the result of that visit.

The Lazy Garbage Man

There was a lazy garbage man

Who would not lend a hand.

When he took out the garbage

He would just throw the can.

He was very mean,

But he was only seventeen.

He would pout and be grouchy.

Nobody knew what was wrong,

I guess he didn’t belong.

He was called the lazy, mean garbage man.

by Savion

Goose Egg

I went outside to play some ball

And when I bounced the ball really high,

My brother came outside to watch me play.

When it came back down he cried, then ran inside.

I went outside to play some ball

And I bounced the ball really high,

My dog came outside to watch me play.

When it came back down she cried, then ran inside.

I bounced the ball one more time.

When it came back down, it hit me in the head.

I started to cry, then went inside and my mother said,

“That is one big goose egg!”

by Amber

Dear Arlette

To tell the truth, I can’t lie.

This is sad, our last goodbye.

I really cared for you so,

But now I can’t even say “hello”

Your family and I can’t take this pain.

We feel like we are going insane.

Your friends, especially Miralys and I

Are the only ones in class who sit there and cry.

We miss you so much, it’s only been one day.

I miss you so much, I have nothing left to say.

by Maggie


The sky is so beautiful,

The sun is glaring.

Clouds white and puffy,

And I can’t stop staring.

Birds, flying ever so high.

The sky is so beautiful

And now you know why.

by Kyreece

Good Night 

A moon night.

Such a fright.

You see the light,

It’s so bright

Every night.

So, I look out my window.

I see a black widow spider!

But when I smile,

It stares at me for a while.

Before I go to turn away

I tell it I’ll be back another day.

So, I turn out my light to go to bed.

I store you in my head.

Good night.

by Morgan


Fashion, fashion, everybody flashing.

Showing all their clothes with their bling, bling, bling.

But, what they do not realize is that clothes aren’t everything.

It’s not about style. It’s the personality.

Fashion, fashion.  Stylish jeans looking real clean.

Fashion, fashion.  Brand names skirts, not a speck of dirt.

Fashion, fashion. Got new sneakers, can’t get any cleaner.

All I’m saying is that fashion’s not a thang.

It’s not about the clothes.  It’s the personality.

by Quindon

My New Puppy

I got a new puppy.

She’s gentle and white.

She’s kind and friendly.

She doesn’t even bite.

She’s loveable caring and super sweet.

Come on, new puppy.  Play with me!

 by  Mallori


The Buzzing Bee

One day there was a bee that was in the air.

Someone said it flew in my hair.

Who stung you?

The bee.  That’s who.

It stung my friend

And then it was the bee’s end.

by Caitlyn



When the rain falls,

Down, down, down

I feel like crying,

Pound, pound, pound.

It feels like the sky

Is falling down,

Down, down, down.

by Paris



You were born, now you’re gone

I’ve only known you for so long.

You were here, now you’re there.

I hope you know I really care

  by Maggie



S – Solemnly swear to achieve their goal

O – Official of war

L – League of heroes in the military

D – Down in bunkers, risking their lives

I – In war in Iraq

E – Entering Iraq

R – Risking their lives every day

by Chris


Read on beyond the purple for more Lakeside Student Poems...


I once had a dream

I was a mer-man

My fins were just like a fish.

I tried to swim on air,

But did not get my wish.

So, I lay there on the river’s deck

The sun was very hot.

I suddenly began to sweat

I became a fish tater-tot!

by Orlando


The Bounce Dog

Down and up the hill he goes

That sliding, slither Sam again!

Bouncing up and down doggy hill

With those bouncy shoes.

Other dogs, digging ‘til dawn,

Playing catch, digging or swimming.

Oh, but no, not Sam.

Up and down my hill, my brand new doggy hill.

Can’t the owner teach him something

Except those bouncy shoes again?

Day after day,

Dogs dig, swim and play.

But no, not Sam.

Up and down the hill again.

Wait, where’d the ball come from?

Shoes off, miracle at work.

He’s playing catch!

That nasty, sliding, slithering Sam.

Isn’t nasty at all.

Actually, I think I love him.

No tags?  I will keep you, Sam.

by Page



You are Always Here

You were born, now you’re gone.

We feel we’ve known you for so long.

I only met you this year.

You greeted me with lots of cheer.

I thought I lost you, but now I know

You’re always here, you’ll never go!

  by Maggie



Just for Arlette

You were here and now you're not.

We miss you a whole lot.

You were loved, and still are. 

To us you are a shining star. 

By Megan

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