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Kurtz Elementary

Inspired by a remote control from the "magic suitcase."


Remote, remote, remote!
Why are you so far from thy chair!
It makes me want to pull out my hair!
You can scare your sister by hiding and changing the volume behind the planter.
You can scare her so bad, she'd jump into the hamper.
If your brother steals it, steal it back.
Then you can relax, sit back, and eat a snack.
The TV controller is so neat,
you don't even have to get on your feet.


Inspired by a plastic ostrich from the "magic suitcase."


Ostriches are black and white.
They put up a real good fight.
Ostriches are big, big birds; they weigh a lot of pounds.
Ostriches lay big, big eggs, the biggest ones around.
It lays large eggs, but cannot fly.
Actually, this bird is kind of shy.
When he tries to run he can't because he has unmoveable feet.
He is the strangest bird you will ever meet.

Matt /5th--Kurtz Ele/Milford 3/18

Jumping around kookie dancing
Everything looks like an old movie---including my body
Hotter than the sun
Running really fast
Would make good scrambled eggs
Want to fly high
If I had a mouth
I could play the trumpet
I can't do any of that because I am plastic

Ellie /2nd--Kurtz Ele/Milford 3/18

Goodbye Zack
You've been with us so long
You've grown longer than my song,
but you know that you'll always be honored, by us!
We'll pour you a glass of friendship and we'll never drink it.
You know our addresses so we'll tell the clerk at the station
she's crying through the nation.

Tom /2nd Kurtz Ele/Milford 3/18

Fractions, fractions, fractions and zactions and practions, cractions,
bactions everywhere!
I like fractions so, but I did not know that their meaning grows

Connor /2nd Kurtz Ele/Milford 3/18

Ants, Ants, Ants
Ants all over.
And in the car.
Frozen ants everywhere.
And in the air.
Oh my, oh my, a ant in my house with a "mouse!"
Ants, ants, ants

Madelyn /2nd Kurtz Ele/Milford 3/18

Friends are wonderful.
You can never have enough.
Some are genteel, some are rough.
Some are mean, some are nice,
but you never know, their favorite food might be rice.
I have more than 100, I'll take that as a bet.
You never know what kinds of friend you're gonna get.

Here is a poem from Samantha, a student
in Ms. Weiss' 4th grade class room.

Remote control and TV make you lazy stubborn.
Sitting on the couch doing nothing.
If there wasn't TV, gees we all would be worken.
Look, there goes another kid sitting on the couch doing nothing.

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