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Hiawatha Elementary ~ Okemos, Michigan
The students of Hiawatha Elementary wrote the following poem
using the poetic devices of
alliteration, simile and metaphor.

Godzilla Surfing on Spaghetti

Godzilla surfs on slippery spaghetti.
But he's crying 'cause he's missing his teddy.

Godzilla was as tall as a skyscraper.
Maybe he'll notice that a little bit later.

The spaghetti was slippery, slimy snakes.
Godzilla was surfing while eating steaks.

Surfing on a slippery spaghetti, Godzilla.
The truth is, Godzilla is really a gorilla!

Here is a rhyming acrostic poem by Sejal B.

ainbows have gold at the end
& leprachuans are not our friends.

All we want is a pot of gold,
green little men think that hope is old.

I like clovers very much
I usally pick them in a bunch.

Never be friends with a leprachuan they are very tricky
after you meet one you will feel very very icky.

But why are we keeping are hopes up
if no one is getting a golden cup.

n the rainbow I see some gold
I run through the meadow for it is very cold.

What!? I see a shiny light
but the green meany will put up a fight.

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