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Gordon Elementary ~ Marshall, Michigan
Here is a rhyming acrostic by the 3rd and 4th graders of Gordon Elementary.


Delightful dogs are big and small.
On hind legs, they can be tall.

Over and over, they chase their tails.
When they're done, they're slow as snails.

Goofy dogs are very distracting.
But we know they're just overacting!

Here are two poems submitted by Chelsea T.

Charlie Cruise

Charlie Cruise likes to snooze.

He sleeps all day and sleeps all night;

he doesn't even get up for a tasty bite.

Can't you see he's a little lazy

and maybe a little crazy.

Nobody bothers to come and play

because they know he won't play all day!

Over the Sea

Over the sea we go

Row row row.

We rowed all day and rowed all night

So I did not have time to fly my kite.

I wish this ride was not so long

to keep me busy i'll sing a a pretty song.

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