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Fountain Elementary ~ 4th, 5th & 6th Grades
Here is a poem inspired by an orange fish
from the "magic suitcase."


There is a fish who clowns around.
He works in the circus in my home town.
Clown fish, clown fish, you make me laugh.
Is your orange color formed by a rash?
He really wishes he could be with all the fishes.
Instead he spends time with tigers who are vicious.
The clown fish went wild until his wife had a child,
and then the crowd smiled.

Here is a poem from,
Christina Butler 5th grade

A Clown Fish

I know a clown fish with a rash,
that forms his color and makes me laugh.
His home is a coral reef
with a bed and blanket made from a leaf.
He eats fish flakes for breakfast and lunch
but when dinner comes, little fish are a munch.
He works at a circus in his home town
and is the best fish clown.

The Water Dish Fish
By:Makenzie McNeill From Mrs. August's Class

For 50 cents I bought a fish
I put it my dog's water dish
Whenever my dog takes a drink
My little fish starts to think,
"Where am I Now? Why am I here?"
Little fish have no fear
Do not shed a single tear
I'll move you to a home somewhere near.

Here are three more poems
from Makenzie, a Fountain 4th Grader:

The Lake
There is a lake that I know
It's even good when It's covered in snow
It sparkles and shines every day
It washes all your fears away
My Lake Huron is the best
A lot better than all the rest


When I'm walking down the street
All the birds start to tweet
they look at me as I go by
And sometimes I wonder why
When those birds look at me
I'm always filled with glee

Night Time

At night,
Stars twinkle and I wonder why
At night,
Bats eat and fly around in the sky
At night,
It's time for sleep
Let's all start counting sheep

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