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Westwood Elementary ~ 4th & 5th Grade
This poem is a rhyming acrostic. The Westwood students
chose to write a poem about the Mackinac Bridge.


Mackinac Bridge, tall and high,
almost reaching to the sky.

It's five miles long.
It's very strong.

Go in your car and take a trip.
(If you fall off, you'll take a dip.)

How big is it? Five hundred feet tall.
When you're on it, you feel very small.

Two peninsulas it connects on each side.
People drive across it, feeling pride.

You can see it's made of steel.
It's very big — its strength is real.

Might light up like a carnival at night
It is such a wonderful sight.

At Mackinac, you can see it from far away.
At Mackinac, you see it, in the night and day.

Can take ten years to paint it,
but much more work to make it.

Here is a poem by Tonya


Dolphins Dancing, and actingMaking
a batting Orcas play and dolphins sing.
Which one jumps a better ring?
Loves people watching them
If they have a huge gem
People watch them everyday.
But you can't see that at the bay.
Humans play and Dolphins jump
As the water begins to thump
Is a dolphin good or bad
As an Orca is a fellow lad
Now you know dolphins are fun
Now only if they could run (it would be more fun)
So people come to see their jumps
And when they do they get lots of bumps

Here's a poem by Chelsea, a 5th grader

Draw Circles Not Hearts

You shouldn't draw hearts,
Because hearts can be broken!
You should draw circles,
Because circles are never ending!

Here is a poem from Stephanie.


I like ice.
It is nice.
It is cold and wet.
It tastes good when I sweat.
Even better when I am sitting on a pest.
I like when i am going west.

Here is a poem and a picture by Taylor.


What are turtles? Aren't they seaweed?
What about the beaver, does it have an overbite or an underbite?
Why do I ask questions?
Oh yea, I talk a lot.
What about those monkeys... why do they scratch?
Why do we wear shoes?
I have one more question:
Why won't you answer me more?

Here is a poem by Morgan, a 4th grader


I think there's monsters under my bed.
I'm too scared. So where's my head.
There may be some dust bunnies in my closet.
I'm afraid every time I have to clean.
There's dragons in my pool, so I've never been in it.
My mistake, so my brother said.
I'm afraid to eat oatmeal 'cause I think it's alive.
I think that tornadoes are big vacuums, and car washes are big storms
so I never go through them.
I think balloons are wet booms
and ther's my brother at one now.
Some pets scare me, like every pet I know.
My mom is on the phone all day,
so I say it sucks her brain out.
So I'd say I'm scared of about everything.

Here is a poem by Samantha, a fourth grader.





Here is a poem written by Erica, a fifth grader at Westwood.


Jello juggles
Jello jiggles
Jello doesn't
move, just wiggles.

Here are three poems from Tonya C., a fifth grader.

My Hamster I loved So Much!

I loved you so
You were so loved
My mom hates hamsters
but she loved you!

Rose you were the best ever
I could have took you home
But you ran off and died and made me
Loose my mind!

You were the best pet ever,
And now I have another that u have met.
I never payed attention to it was always you!
But now I dont have you and I feel so lonely!

I wish that you could come back to me
My mom and me and my other hamster,
We miss you so dear,
But I wish you were here!

Well I love you so
And I hope to see you again
But for now I will see you soon!
So now I say my prayers to you!

My Favorite Dog of the Whole World!

I wish you were here
We would still have you
But you went and actied stupid
And ate two corn cobs

We had no choice,but to put you asleep
Because you would be dead now anyway
So please Sparkles come back to me!

I miss you dear and so does my mom
We were ballin our eyes out
And that was 8 years ago
So now we are older and we miss you so

We have tons of pictures of you right now
And you are on my favorite dog pictures.
Well now I am gonna go and i will
See you Later!!!!

You Left me
You left left me,
You broke my heart!
I still miss you with all my love.
You were the best Great Grandpa
I have ever loved!

I'm remember when i was little,
I never got to see you in the hospital.
I wish people would never smoke,
Then maybe people would have a better life.

Sometimes I will go passed your grave...
And sometimes when im at the lake ill see a wave!
I think of you with all my heart,
And juss to let you no i will never part!

I wish you were here to comfort me
but sometimes i juss see u as a tee,
in the ground of a golf field!

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