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St. Bede's ~ 7th & 8th Grade

Jam is what I like on toast
But cheese is what I like the most
Athletics is my thing
I don't like to sing.
I am also Outrageous
Kanye West is my favorite rapper
But Muhammed Ali is my favorite scrapper
I am also very intelligent.

By Jackie E.

Athletics is my thing
Kanye West is my favorite rapper

By Jackie E.


P erfect little pumpkins
U nlimited seeds in side
M any in the patch
P lease can I pick one!
K itchens are no place for a pumpkin
I n the fall farmers pick them
N ever drop them, or they will bruise
S top! Don’t put a hole in them!

D elightful in the summer
A nd
N ever nice in November
I n the school very serious
E xplosive if you are delirious
L et out the truth if no one bothers
L et others know if you are being a bother
E xaggeration in October


elightful in the summer
A nd
N ever nice in November
I n school very serious
E xplosive if you are delirious
L let out the truth if no one bothers
L et you know if you are a bother
E xaggeration in October

O ctober months are my birthday
C ome on its pumpkin month!
T oo many leaves in my month
O ctober months are out of this world
B ears will start their hibernation this October
E very day is for apples
R emember my birthday month by this

Rhyming Acrostic

iwi oh kiwi
Why are you so yummy?
I wish I wish a pawn a star
To wake up eating you all day long
W ill kiwis ever
Be never better for my tummy
I think
You’re the perfect snack to eat


Once there was a little pumpkin,
I balanced it on my little bumpkin.
We played around
and it fell down,
And then we found a yummy pumpkin pie.

Something is growing in our backyard
What is this?
This here in our backyard
The orange squishy things
With the giant flowers
Oh, look at all the flowers!
There must be at last ten!
I’m going to pick one
They will be gone,
When I pick them for

Bubbles floating up so high
A rainbow inside as I watch them fly

POP POP POP one by one - try to blow one bigger

POP so much fun
You have to blow softly to make one last
Blow real quick and....

POP it goes fast

Everyone loves bubbles easy fun no trouble
Buy yourself a bottle

I love bubbles.

By Carmen J. - 7th Grade

Its dark outside and your all alone you walk for a while then something lands on your nose is it a raindrop that glows or really shiny snow whatever it is it glows
If you try to catch will it fly away or can you keep it for a light threw the night

O LOOK it’s a firefly glowing like the sun
Now I see so many this is so much fun.
By Carmen J.

Very intelligent
Always tries to do her best
Never gives up on something she knows she can acheive
Eager to learn more about her history
Shows her parents respect and
Shows integrity
Articulate, and one of a kind.

Love is a word that could mean so much...
It could be the feelings you have for yourself,
Or it could be the feelings you have for your family.
It could be the passion you have for singing,
Or dancing,
Or even writing.
Love. Does anybody truly know what it means?
One minute you could love to sing and the minute you could
Love to dance, or write, or maybe all three.
Or maybe you thought you had fallen in love but then you
Realize that you aren't in love at all.
Love. Like the song says, "It comes and goes."
By Vanessa M. – 8th Grade.

Temitope O.

What do you think it is?
What a color is, that is what it is.
Very exciting you see
Blue is also a favorite color to me
It is the color of the sky and many other things, too
Blue should be your favorite color, too

Temitope O
alks a lot; I love to talk
Eager to try anything
Magazines - I love to read different magazines
Interesting - I am full of surprises
Terrific all the time in my schoolwork
Outstanding- I do my best in everything
Personality - my personality never changes
Exciting - I always try to make everything fun

What Is A Friend?
Is a friend someone who will laugh at you when you make mistakes?
Someone who uses you just to get to what they want?
Someone who pretends to like you just to make you feel good for a certain period of time before they call you a social reject?
Someone who will take advantage of you trying to fit in?
Someone who will tell the whole class or school if you got a bad grade on something?
Someone who will make fun of you if you have a disability or a birth defect?
Or is a friend someone that will…
Help you when you make mistakes
Asks for your help when they really do need it
Really try to get to know you better instead of always teasing you
Help you when you strive to fit in
Help you raise the grade if you have a low one
Or tries to succeed in getting other classmates to like you for who you are not because of what you look like or what happened to you.
I don’t know about you but I’d rather be #2 and I think I already am to at least one person that I know of.

By Nathan C.
There once was a man with a Melonhead
His giant face he would always dread
He always would wish
That his head could be squished
So that he’d have a smaller forehead

His head has always been swelled
Though it did give him a good sense of smell
To make it worse even more
He could not get through doors
So he couldn’t walk around too well

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