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St. Bede's ~ 7th & 8th Grade

Read, Read, Read
As you can tell, I love to read.

Reading makes me feel so great,
When a new book arrives, I can hardly wait.

At times when I feel blue,
I know just what to do.

I get a book,
Oh yes, it is true.

Mom says that reading helps your brain,
I love to read, even in the rain.

When I read I feel so proud,
Reading makes me feel like I am in a fluffy cloud.

Reading can take me away,
To what place, I dare not say.


Are good to eat
Picking apples is very fun
Pleasure to eat as pie
Loud when you bite
Enough for me and you to share

Rhyming Acrostic


Are good to eat,
Always stay tart and sweet.
Picking apples is very fun,
Especially while you’re on the run.
Pleasure to eat as pie,
And if it fell I might just cry.
Loud when you bite,
It’s not just time to say goodnight.
Enough for you me and you to share,
As long as you always care.


Apples taste yummy, especially in my tummy. They are red ripe and
round, and if I found them on the ground, I would bounce to the moon

By Jabree W. 7th Grade

The Moon

Just a magnificent sight to look at.
An outstanding piece of art.
Just one hundred million feet away from earth.
New life will soon exist.

By: Michael B.


Anger leads to violence.
Anger is known as a sin.
Anger leaves an open door for Satan.
Anger leads to murder,
And other bad things that create sin.
Non-sense and foolish,
Are two great words to express and describe anger.
You control anger,
Anger does not control you.
Gentle answers turns away wrath,
But nasty words create anger.
So the only way to stop the anger is not to cause it.

By: Michael B.

I pray every nigth with Jesus
Wishing he could see us to believe us
Leading us through the
Safe and Sorry
Helping the hungry and keeping
them comfy in loving
Living the life of Jesus
Waiting for him to come down
Dont worry I'll be around
Because i hear his sound
in my Heart

Every day i think about how i am
going to success in life
and make my dreams come true
All i need is time
God telling me i can do better
If i set my mind to it
Going my way
I'll lead my way with God

By Brittni S.

Angels you have come to me.
Angels I will one day see.
Angels I one day will understand what you have done for me.

Angels you were there in my sorrow.
You helped me regain my joy.
Angels you were there when I was troubled.
You helped me restore the peace.

For these Angels that I speak of .
They are not truly what they may seem.
These angels that I speak of are always here for me.
These Angels are my parents.
They love and care for me.

These Angels are my parents.
For one day I will see.

Detroit is a place filled with lots of life and sound.
There’s always something new and exciting that you will want to see or do.
Wherever you may be you’re bound to want to stick around.
Yes, we all know its Motown the city of music and cars. But that is something not all people get to see. In this town it’s the people and their hopes, lives, and dreams, this place is their home,
It’s where they live there lives, raise their children even.
That’s what really makes Detroit, Detroit, and the people.

By Omar A.

Love Letter to "My Love"

Dear My Love,
Grow old along with me
The best is yet to see
As we grow older together,
As we continue to change with age,
The only thing that will never change,
Is that I keep falling in love with you,
For each day I love you more,
Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow,
As I stand here today with the world as my witness,
I pledge to you my undying and everlasting love.
I stand here today as your partner,
I stand before you as you protector,
And I stand behind you as your solace.
Many say love is friendship set on fire,
So let’s burn together,
Not in the house of the devil,
But in the home sweet home we will build together,
Love is a never ending feeling,
Love is pure, natural, irrational, and very important,
The only happiness is to love and be loved,
To love and be loved is like feeling the sun on both sides of your body,
You came for friendship and took away my love,
You took away my love and flew away like a beautiful white dove,
But now I laugh because I am too young to fall in love,
But when I am mature enough don’t fly off like that selfish dove,
And to my FUTURE love when I meet you whenever that may be,
Please spend and end your life with me.

I Will Love You So Much,
Déjá G. - 8th Grade

What’s happening in school?

Subjects consist of math, science, and English etc.

Chalkboards always have the daily lessons.

Helping hand is what your teacher is.

Office, that’s where you go see the principal at.

Outside is where everyone likes to go for recess.

Lunchtime is everyone’s favorite time of the day.

By: Brandi Z.

My name means……………..
Beautiful on the outside and the inside.
Ready for all challenges in life.
Angel (sometimes)
Never scared to speak my mind.
Devoted to my family.
Intelligent in my school work and the choices I make in life.
By: Brandi Z.

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