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St. Bede's ~ 7th & 8th Grade

My Grandfather
Gentlemen-he is always a gentlemen
Ruling-he always set out the rules
Advice- he is a good adviser
Nice-he is nice when he wants to be
Duke-he calls himself the "duke"
Father-he is a father of two
Admire-I admire him always
Teacher-he teaches us what to do
Head-he is the head of the family
Everlasting-his love for his family is everlasting
Real-he is the real thing

By:Chikanaele Danielle O. 7th grade



When, when you could just stare at someone for hours and not pay attention to anything else.

When you just want to be around that one person so much that when they are not there your whole day is ruined.

When you like someone so much that when they look at you, you don’t say a word but you just start smiling.

Something that makes you feel better without even knowing it.

Something you won’t always understand.

Something to cherish for as long as you can.

Something that only you can define in your own way.
By Omar A.

A Leader

What is a leader?

Is it someone who uses tax payers money to go bomb places that have done nothing?

Someone who takes a vacation right when his term in office starts because he was tired ?

Someone who sits in a Preschool classroom reading a book while the two towers crash down?

Someone who destroys families, homes, lives, just for oil he claims he has nothing to do with?

Someone who tears away children from their mother to go fight a war that happened for nothing?

Someone who says he’ll do something and somehow it slips his mind?

Someone who has to have his speeches written for him because he doesn’t no what Tribal Sovereignty means ?


Is it someone who cares actually cares for and about the people?

Someone who takes tax but gives it back through monuments, roadways, homes, real issues in our country?

Someone who gives kids who can’t afford to go to school the chance to learn?

Someone goes to cities and sees what they need there in that area and have it done?

Someone who carries out their promises?

Someone who can express how they feel in front of the people with out using cheap lies?

Someone who will do something to help the poor not just wealthy?

I don’t know, you tell me.

By Omar A. 7th Grade

Melon Head

My best friend has a head the size of a melon, but he’s really not smart at all.
I always wonder what’s in there, with his head being so tall.
Sometimes it’s a nuisance.
Sometimes it’s in my way.
But even if his head’s that big, he’ll always be my friend.
You dig?

By Omar A. 7th Grade

On a tree branch.
Roots that the tree grows from.
A lot of seeds.
Nothing taste better.
Growing in Georgia.
Eat them anytime.

By Donnie T. 7th Grade

On a branch, you might find on a ranch.
Roots that the tree grows from to come alive.
A lot of seeds, but they have no need.
Nothing tastes as good, but something should.
Growing in Georgia, showing in Michigan.
Eat them anytime, might as well have a clementine.

By Donnie T. 7th Grade


It’s Not About You, It’s Not About Me
It’s not about you, it’s not about me,
It’s about Jesus Christ you see,
Born in a manger,
Laid in a
He told his disciples he would be
Back soon, It’s not about you,
It’s not about me, it’s about
Me, it’s about the blood
Shed on Calvary,
It’s not about you, it’s not about me,
It’s about Jesus Christ,
Don’t you see?

By: Tetyanna P. 7th Grade

My Granny is Gone

I really miss my Granny!
Why did she have to leave?
Why, why, why?
I wish I could have spent more time with her.
Granny was always there when I needed her most.
She always stood by my side...all the time.
I only knew her for 6 years, then she left me.
I wish that I could turn back time and prevent her
from dying.
But, I can't do that.

Life is short.

If I could, I would ask God to bring her back to life.
All the pennies I put into the wishing well didn't
make my wish come true.
It's supposed to be a wishing well.
A wishing well is supposed to make wishes come true...
Even stop my Granny from dying.

Life is short.
Enjoy it while you still can.

I Am A Success!

I am more of a success in Eighth Grade than any other
grade I've been in.
I feel good about myself this year.
I told myself that I will be on honor roll this year.
So far, I'm doing that.
I always thought to myself that I was dumb or stupid.
I found out that all of my abilities and smarts were
locked away inside me all along!

I really am proud of myself in Eighth Grade.
When I come home with a test grade of a 95%, I tell my
Mom that it is a bad grade...
She catches what I am trying to say.
Even when I look online at my grades at school,
And I see that "C" grade,
I say: "That is horrible!"
I always tell my teacher or my Mom that I need, and I
am going, to bring that grade up.
And, I do.

I am a success in Eighth Grade.

Jamie S., 8th Grade.

Kellie M., Grade 7


Southfield is my city-----RESPECT IT.
Southfield is my city---- DON'T REJECT IT.
Southfield is my city ----Just PROTECT IT.

Southfield is my city; it is a city that BLOOMS.
Southfield is my city; it is not a city of GLOOM.

Southfield is my city; it will always be a part of ME.
Southfield is the city of LOVE & TREES..
Kellie M., Grade 7

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