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St. Angela Elementary ~ 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th Grades
This poem was inspired by a stuffed pink camel
from the "magic suitcase."

Percy, the camel, is so mad he's burning.
He didn't get the paycheck he was earning.
This camel was genetically reengineered.
His genes were changed and completely smeared.
That was why he as born without hair,
and so his skin was completely bare.
Now he's got a bad disposition.
To find a cure is his mission.
He then retired, just like Jordan.
The hair, he just wasn't affordin'.
Then they took him to court; his money was granted.
He found a doctor, and his hair was transplanted.

Here is a poem emailed over by Haley and Alyssa
of Sister Claire Marie rm.203

There once was a stop sign,
and then came some bunnies,
they thought it was a hop sign,
what cute little hunnies!

All will pass by
one will stare
at the sign
'cause it has a hare!

Here is a poem from Anthony, grade 5 room 202


Humphrey the camel, is a sad camel ,because he has no hair
and he's completely bare ,it's just not fair.
His eyes pop out, it makes him want to shout,
but instead he just pouts!
With feet so blue he hates to do
the things that camels do,
So he just stays home with a comb hoping with a prayer
to grow some hair,
then maybe he can be a happy camel instead of being in despair .

Here is a poem by by Michelle, 5th grader rm.202


The hamster slept
the hamester kept
we loved him a lot
he drank from a pot
between that silly hamster
she loves the panters
eating buds
having the suds

Here is a poem by Alyssa of Ms.Blalock's class:

My puppy is quite fluffy
if you met him you`d know
his hair dosen`t stop growing
it just seems to grow and grow and grow
i tell him all the time he HAS TO get it cut...
but he just says " My fur can NEVER be long enough"

He`s such a pretty puppy
but if he don't get it cut
he`s gonna trip
oh my puppy...what a dip
he is used to his hair being so long
but maybe he`ll cut it if i dye it blonde!

Here is another poem by
Alyssa, Ms.Blalock rm.207


I once had a puppy
as you can tell...he was very fluffy
jumped and skipped all day
marching and twirling like he was in a parade
I tried to say "Puppy STOP!"
but he just skipped, and jumped, and hopped!
my puppy is small!
but acts like he is 10 feet tall.
he is small with pretty big feet
for some dogs he`d be a tasty treat!

Here is a poem by Tristian, age 5, Kindegarten,
Ms. Horman sent it by his aunt.


Soccer is my favorite game.
Soccer's even in my brain.

Soccer has a black and white ball.
Soccer is the most fun of all!

I kick the ball through the goal.
I play with my heart and soul.

I feel proud when i win.
I'm going to do it all again!

Here is a poem by Meghan, Ms. Blalock Rm 207


I have a friend whose name is Hero,
He saved lives in a place called
Ground Zero.

When he heard about the plane that
hit the tower,
He cried upon a little flower.

He was full of fear,
and knew I would shed a tear.

Here is a poem submitted by:Michelle
room 202 5th grade

I am cold,
and should be sold.

I cant be warm,
without a thorn.

I should have blankets,
to keep me warm.

But I have none,
but only a pillow.

I should be sleeping,
but I am freezing.

i need a blanket,
then i will sleep.

Here is a poem by Des'ree , 7 St. Angela class 105


I once had a dog.
It's name was Pog.
It was little.
Now it is tall.
Whenever I go by it.
It makes me fall.
It had a friend.
It's name is Paul.
And it likes to run in the hall.

Here is a Mother's Day poem from Alyssa
St.Angela School room 207 Ms.Blalock

Dear Mom,
good morning, today is your day,
hopefully i`ll act ok
i`ll make you breakfast in bed
and fluff the pillow under your head
cause ur my mom and u deserve the best
so stay in bed and get some rest
you're unique Mom
don't try to fit in
cause ur SO different deep within`

Here is a poem from Mallory,
St Angela School Sr Clare's Class Rm 203.

There was a bunny named Sunny,
and he was always so funny.
Sunny met a bunny named Hunny,
Hunny was a sillier bunny.
Hunny teached Sunny to be funny,
and since he is funny he has lots of bunny money!!!!!

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