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Pinewood Elementary ~ 4th & 5th Grade
This poem is a rhyming acrostic.
The Pinewood students chose to write a poem
about a "wolverine."


Wild and ferocious is the wolverine
even when nice, it's being mean.

Oh, how strange the wolverine can be.
It drools when it sleeps, unlike me.

Laughing and screaming all the time.
He might be a poet and write a rhyme.

Very, very weird and strange,
running wild in the forest range.

Every time you look him in the eye
you might run away and cry.

Running wildly everywhere,
it would seem he has no cares.

In the morning, he hunts for prey.
He ate a beaver whose name was Ray.

Nothing can stop his nasty rage,
even if caught and in a cage.

Everyone fears him, that is true.
His favorite colors are maize and blue.

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