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Pine River Elementary ~ 4th Grade
At Pine River, we celebrated Michigan Week by writing a rhyming acrostic poem about cars.


Carries people from place to place.

Or if you want to, you can race.

Automobiles can leave marks on the road.

If you don't slow down, you might hit a toad.

Racing down the road, looking for something new,

looking out the window for a beautiful view.

Stop at the sign (and wait in line).

If you don't, you'll pay a fine!

Here is a poem submitted by Courtney M., a 5th grader at Pine River, after having lunch with The Poetry Lady.

The lunch was good.

I had fun.

The poet was nice

and then I was done.

Another lunch poem by Lindsey W., 4th grade.

Lunch, lunch, in a bunch.

Oh, how I love to munch, Munch, MUNCH!

Here is a poem by Ian C.

Cars leave tars

that look like bars.

Wheels leave tars.

I have a car.

I drive it far.

I go to Florida in that car.

Here is a poem by Linsdey S., 4th grade
Teacher's Pet

My teacher has a teacher's pet,
I'm not sure who it is yet.
I think it's the boy who sits next to me,
I'm not sure, help me please!

My teacher likes Smarty Pants Amber and Bossy Bob,
To be honest with you, I think they're snobs.
Well, that's all I have to say,
It's time for me to go and play.

By the way, my teacher has no teacher's pet,...yet!

Here is a poem by Taylor E. and her two cousins

My Little Brother

My little brother is a pain.
He made me ride a train
all the way to Spain.

When I got there he was sad
but I was mad
because he wanted me to play Super Man.

When we went home he said "I hit my head."
So I said, "GO TO BED."
"But I want to play instead."

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