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Perry Elementary ~ 3rd, 4th and 5th
The following two poems were written during workshops at Perry Elementary in Perry, MI.

Session I:


Cute and cuddly,

It's my cat, Dudley.

And he's very lazy,

Laying under daisies.

This cat tickles your nose with his tail,

Or scratches your back with his nails.

Session II:


Chase each other now and then,

While they graze in the pen.

Out in the pasture, they moo and chew.

When I smell a cow, I say, "Eew."

Wherever grass grows, they're there.

I want to see one, but where?

Here is an Untitled poem by Brooke, age 9, Mrs. Rockafellow's Class:

What if there was a girl

With a head like a squirrel.

She had buck and and squirrel hair

she kinda looks like a bear

but there's one thing wrong,

when she goes to the fair she looks so strong

so she makes the people run and scream

especially when they see his favorite ice cream...

but thats just a dream

at least i hope because last halloween

I saw his coat!

Here is a poem and a note from a happy Perry student:

yo thanks for coming to perry EL. I have a poem


Cough up hairballs
A hairball cougher
Terribly cute

Here is a poem from Courtney S., 
from the Bailey/Bentley class [treehouse]
Perry Elementary, MI.
She is 9 years old.

Cute and cuddley
is my cat studley
A precious kitty is he
as you can see
terrific at jumping onto things
he probably wishes he had wings 


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