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2005 Young Authors Conference ~ Oakland County
Session I


Friends getting together, shooting hoops.

I missed the basket ... oops!

Unbelievably, fantastically exciting fun.

The fun has just begun.

Nothing can stop you from playing now.

Your parents are mad. Holy cow!

Session III


Doesn't need a bathroom.

Outside you need a broom. (to clean up after it)

Obedient or out of control,

they also can make a house patrol.

Gives you licks,

but he has ticks!

Session II


Soothing bright beaming sun.

A moon that goes up when day is done.

Kites flying high above.

They fly in the sky, like a dove.

Yellow sunset when day is done.

How can you not have fun?

Here is a poem by Nicole H.,
a fifth grade student at Avondale Meadows

What I Found in My Locker
            by: Nicole H.
An old banana peel with an old brown spot,
an apple that I didn't know could rot,
a big blue coat which is obviously not mine,
a watch that does not say the right time,
a pair of gym socks, smelly and old,
a notebook with a big fat green mold,
a detention slip for three tardies,
and a box of delicious smarties,
a compass that doesn't point north
an agenda, I'm on my fourth,
a dead rose,
and some powder for my nose,
and one more thing i must confess,
a note from my teacher to clean up this mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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