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Metro Detroit Reading Council ~ March 2004 Meeting
The teachers of the Metro Detroit Reading Council wrote two group poems at their March meeting.

The first is a rhyming acrostic.


Summer sun warms our soul,

glitters like a pot of gold.

Up above, in the sky so blue,

drying up the morning dew.

Now the flowers are in bloom,

chasing down the winter's gloom.

The second is a "Formula for Fun" poem, making use of "Alliteration - Simile, Metaphor, and Alliteration."


Beautiful, blinding, bright red sun, (alliteration)

shining and warming every one.

Happy like a smiley face (simile)

that follows you from place to place.

A big round ball up in the sky (metaphor)

that bakes wet swimmers quickly dry.

Wearing sun shades is such fun.

Beautiful, blinding, bright red sun. (alliteration)

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