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Maples Elementary
Fourth Grade Poem

Here is a poem inspired by a pink camel
from the "magic suitcase."


This is the story about an unusual camel.
It stands on its head, doesn't act like a mammal.
This camel has a neck that's bigger than its feet.
Whenever you see it, he is very, very neat.
This selfish camel has pink and blue hooves.
He ate a peanut and toothpaste sandwich and a dinner stew.
When he goes to the Pink Store, he likes to shop.
He goest o the register and always buys pop.

Fifth Grade Poem

Inspired by a witchy-looking rag doll from the "magic" suitcase.


Her hais is greenand orange and black and she has a broom.
And she uses it to fly back to her tomb.
She doesn't look like Britney Spears.
She sort of looks like the wax in my cat's ears.
She has a sharp nose and makes fire with her toes,
and when she sings she crows.
She is married to the sharp-nosed guy.
When she kisses him, she has to die.

Here is a poem by Zeinab:


Now this is a story of a very odd camel
that stands on its head, doesn't act like a mammel.
The thing that is not wierd about this odd looking camel is that he had a name, it was Mr. Wiggles.
The reason this camel was called Mr. Wiggles is because he always had the giggles.
Now this is a hard part to explain this camel likes to shop,
and when he shops he always buys pop.
Can you believe that when a cop saw this camel in his shop,
he yelled to that camel, "You better stop!"
Then the cop said, "Put your hooves up and drop!"
Then the camel said "I'm just looking for crop."
Now that is the story of the very odd camel
that stands on his head, doesn't act like a mammel.

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