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Madison Elementary School

Fourth Grade Poem


Delightful dogs that dig all day,

they'll get dirty any way.

Outside in the dirt and mud.

It is time for soap and tub.

Getting the mailman furious and mad.

Oooh! That dog is very bad!

Fifth Grade Poem


Time flies when having fun.

So let's play 'til day is done.

It goes slow when you're at school

Because you must obey the rules.

Maybe, just maybe, time stops somewhere.

If it does, I'm unaware.

Every time as time goes by

Another minute goes flying by.

Here is a poem submitted by Cassady T.

Soon leaves will fall,
> Fall off the trees.
> People will rake,
> Rake up the leaves.
> It will be chilly,
> So you must wear a coat.
> You can't go swimming,
> Or ride in a boat.
> But, you can go skating,
> And drink hot cocoa.

Here is a second poem submitted by Cassady T.


Time creeps slowly by

There is time to laugh and cry.


In seconds, hours, minutes, and days,

Trick on your mind is what time plays.


Millenniums, centuries, sooo confusing,

Sometimes hard, at times, amusing.


Each day, time flies, when you have fun,

Play, play, play, till day is done.



Here is a poem by Cody S.


Tick tock, tick tock, time is passing by.

It goes fast when having fun.

Maybe, just maybe, time will stop.

Everyone’s time is almost through with school for the day is almost done.

Here is a poem by Lindime J.


Tick,tock tick tock time flies when you're having fun!

It will never go away till day is done.

Much like it seems that it will never go away.

Everyone should then go outside and play!

Here is a poem submitted by
Joey S.



Overhead the puck will go

Come play

Kick the puck

Everyday I play

You will like playing, too.


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