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Lincoln Elementary ~ 4th, 5th & 6th grades
Here is a poem inspired by a plastic dolphin
from the "magic suitcase."


Swimming, swimming through the sea.
Hey look! What could that be?
It could be a dolphin searching for its dinner.
It's glorious, victorious and always a winner.
It's Allfin, the dolphin, who's so mean
he could tear up an elephant's spleen.
He jumps very high,
I think to the sky.
Maybe he can even fly.

Here is a poem by Samantha, a 4th Grader at Lincoln

D.D Dolphin

D.D Dolphin is very talkitive
Her voice is squeaky and chirpitive
D.D loves to play,
She can play all day.
She has lots of friends, but sometimes they run away.
D.D jumps so high and gracefully.
Her friends got jealous, thank goodness they did not flee
D.D had the most friends in the sea,
She and her friends play all day gracefully.
They love to jump high in the sky and flee.
They always have so much fun in the sun.

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