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Kaiser Elementary - 4th, 5th and 6th Grades
Inspired by a plastic elephant
from the "magic suitcase."


He's gray. He's hairy and quite a bit scarey.
He's mean and grouchy and quite contrary.
He's an elephant and his name is Fred.
He doesn't sleep upon a bed.
Fred uses his trunk for some good fun.
And he eats about a ton.

Here is a poem by Kati:


My puppy, my pup's love, it's cool.
I'd like to buy one for Carla at school.
I bring mine with me where ever I go,
from Meijer's to school to Colorado,
My friends playground and space
say a unicorn is more useful.
But I feel that I must remain truthful:
I will hold my puppy's close to my heart.
And hope that we never,ever must part!

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