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Johnson Elementary
Fourth Grade

Here is a poem inspired by a plastic elephant
from the "magic suitcase."


I saw an elephant the other day.
It was big in every way.
Elephants are smelly.
They use their trunks to wash their belly.
They smell a whole lot like old shoes.
If we had a weight contest, I would lose.
They're strong and yet they run from mice.
I think I've seen that once or twice.

Fifth Grade

Here is a poem inspired by a plastic saw
from the "magic suitcase."


Bob, the Builder, has a saw.
It makes a sound like a wild bird's "caw."
He cuts down trees brutally
and slices stumps out mercilessly.
One day Bob was by the river.
He saw something that made him shiver.
A pirhana there was what Bob saw.
He picked up his saw and whacked it in the jaw.

Here is a poem by Tyler, a Johnson 5th grader.


There once was a head made of bread.
He had a head made of bread.
People asked him where is your head made of bread?
And he said, it is not made of bread,
It is only shaped like a bread.
And that is the head made of bread.

Here is a poem by William Hutson,
a Johnson 5th grader

The Foxes That Bloomed Through the Night

The red foxes that bloomed through the night
Have eyes that are shiny and bright.
They hunt in the dark
With their teeth loke a shark
And their fur was bright red and white.

Here is a poem from Kelsey, a student at Johnson

The Squirrel

Once upon a time there was a squirrel.
The squirrel always stole pearls.
So one day he saw a baseball game going on so he thought the ball was a big pearl.
So the squirrel took the baseball thinking that it was a pearl.
The end.

Here is a poem submitted by Jake,
a Johnson 5th Grader:

There once was a dog who liked to jog
in the bog where there's fog and a big big log with lots of frogs!

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