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Indian Hills ~ 3rd, 4th & 5th Grades
The following three poems were written during workshops at Indian Hills Elementary School, in Washington, MI.

Third Grade Poem:


Big hairy monsters jump out and scare YOU!

Then you get creeped, and someone says "BOO!"

Other people have costumes that are cool

and they show it off at school.

Oh baby, con't cry.

I won't say "BOO" and your tears will dry.

Fourth Grade Poem:


Cars helped Michigan grow,

and we have the Auto Show.

Assembly line workers make cars fast.

Michigan cars never come in last.

Race from Washington to Romeo and back

around Ford's testing track.

Start the engine, hear it roar.

You're on the way when you shut the door.

Here is the 5th Grade Poem:

FUN (in Michigan)

Fun in the sun on the sandy shore,

swimming so much that your legs are sore.

Up north snowboarding, doing tricks.

Doing 180s gives me kicks.

NASCAR racing is never a bore.

Michigan engines make a loud roar.

Here is a poem by Katelynn C.:


Who is that stranger that I see?

His coat and hat are as black as can be.

Who is that stranger running away?

Maybe I'll see him another day.

Here is a poem by Bobby B., an Indian Hills 3rd Grader:

Hamsters live in cages
and goes through lots of stages.
Owls make their homes in trees
and live by lots of bees.
Monkeys like to be by vines
with lots of lines
Elephants live in zoos
they come in groups of twos.
Spiders spin their homes
instead of living in domes.
The end.

Here is a poem by Caroline H., an Indian Hills 3rd Grader:

Rats, Cats, and Dogs

Rats sleep on mats.

Cats sleep in laps.dogs sleep on dog beds.

They also pull sleds.

Cats also sleep on mats.

But rats DO NOT sleep in laps.

The end.

Here is a poem by Samantha K., a 3rd Grader:

Dogs are cute and cuddly

Oh, it bit my sock.

Golly, stuff is tripping down its mouth.

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