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Huron Park Elementary ~ 5th & 6th Grade
Here is a poem inspired by a colorful saxophone
from the "magic suitcase."


There once was an elephant named Max
who like to play the sax.
It looked like a goose, but not like a moose.
It had a name, he called it Zeus.
He liked to play a lot of jazz.
When he played it right, Zeus had pizzazz.

Here is a poem by Miss Castiglione's second grade class
at Huron Park inspired by their
favorite school subject.


At Recess I went outside to play
Who knew it would be a crazy day

Children were monkey's hanging around
On the monkey bars upside down

I saw my friends swinging so high
Swinging so high they could fly to the sky

This kid that I know went on the slide
She cried and cried 'cause she fell on her hide

Then it was time to go into school
MAN! Was that recess cool!

Here are some quotes from Miss Castiglione's class:
"The book that you wrote was very nice" Lindsay
"Thank you" Jerome
"A great performance" Nick
"Please come again" Carly and Tyler

Here is a poem by Aja from Huron Park second grade
Miss Castiglione, helped by her mom

A Big Sister's Love

I have a new baby brother this year.
When he was born my eyes were full of happy tears.

His name is Troye.
When I shop i buy him lots of toys.

Every time I leave and wave good-bye,
I turn around and see him cry.

Just like a mother and her cub,
There's nothing like a sister's love

Here is a poem submitted by Lierin in June 2006

The meatballs,
The sauce,
The noodles and cheese,
The slurping,
The stains,
The mess and the tease.
Spaghetti is great,
Spaghetti is fun.
Spaghetti is the best,
I love it a ton!

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