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Hevel Elementary ~ Washington, Michigan
Here is a rhyming acrostic written during the Hevel Poetry Workshop.


Dogs howl & bark and woof, woof, woof.

Dogs are barking at birds on the roof.

Oh, dogs are so cute...

but sometimes I wish i could put them on mute.

Getting them to sit is another story.

When they won't, they are awfully boring.

Here is a poem by Madison:

Dogs as cute as can be
Running around, happy with glee

Off the leash, in the yard
Oh look... a St. Bernard!

Going outside every day
When you know they want to play.

Here is a poem by Serena:

Dogs are as cute as can be.
If you have one you will see.

Oh no, he's hyper;
He's going to sound like a viper!

Growling at unknown things
Also at very loud bings.

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