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Grandview Elementary ~ Grades 4 & 5
This poem is a Rhyming Acrostic. The title was chosen by the students of Grandview.


Forever chocolate, brown and fun,

it will melt quickly in the sun.

Under ice cream, over cherries,

even with some good strawberries.

Delicious tasting forevermore.

It tastes better than s'mores.

Great gobs of Mackinac Fudge.

If you eat too much, you'll never budge.

Everyone, everywhere, wants this tasty treat.

Everyone, everywhere, wants fudge to eat.

Here is a poem with an introduction in rhyme from Alayna Z.

My new acrostic poem is quite tasty and quite sweet,
So come along and I will show this wonderful candy treat.
My new acrostic poem will astound you, I am sure,
for I am from Grandview, and I will use this word once more.


Fun with chocolate, better with fudge,

If you eat too much you'll never budge.

Understanding will be acquired,

If it isn't, you'll be fired.

Drops of yummy stuff to play with,

Amusing to feed your big pet snakes with.

Gooey, gummy, good stuff for fun,

Crazy chocolate, and I like it, for one

Everybody thinks this is sweet,

And everyone wants this tasty treat.

Here are two poems submitted by Amanda, a 4th Grader at Grandview.

By: Amanda T.

Icicles, blizzards, Santa and the lot.
People with the presents they bought.

Children building a snowman.
Mother cooking with her frying pan.

Get dressed in a warm coat, mittens, and hat.
Winter is fun and that is that!

By: Amanda T.

Hearts are red,
and kisses are too.

But hugs are gold,
and so are you!

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