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Elmwood Elementary ~ 5th & 6th Grades
Inspired by a plush strawberry with a
hero's cape, from the "magic suitcase."


Super Strawberry is a super hero whose enemy is meat,
and yet to come - is her defeat!
Strawberry, Strawberry - fights dumb mold.
Strawberry's parents are nice, but old.
As the meat products were planning her demise,
Super Strawberry was planning a big surprise.
Super Starwberry won against the evil meat,
(but if you add sugar, she's a tasty sweet treat!)

Here is an illustration of Sweet Defeat
by Shelby, a Sixth-Grader in Mr Peddycord's class.

This is a poem sent by Meagan M.


Fred Frank Francis Fellow,

Had a talent to turn yellow,
He could turn as yellow as hay,
even at any point of day,
Fred Frank Francis Fellow,
finally got sick of turning yellow,
So he tried to change,
but only got to the oranges range,
One day later, he had an idea, the Fred,
He would try to turn to red,
He Tried an Tried and Tried,
But then turned red and fried!
Now he lay there on the floor,
not able to change any more!

Here is a poem by Lindsey J.

There once was a super strawberry,
She was real and not a fairy,
Her dad was a melon her mom was an orange.
She lived in the fridge
under the deli meat bridge.
Her enemy was meat.
She had green feet.
Now where is this critter from?
We don't know now.
Ka pow ka pow!
All we know is that she fights.
Now it is time for the battle to come,
and she will invite everyone,

Bunce bunce
she hits him once,
Rice rice, she hits him twice,
Pow pow,
she hits him now,
And finally the meat is dead,
"Wow," said Super Strawberry,
"this day has been such a dread!"

Here is a poem sent in by Brittney J.

Dear Poetry Lady,
I've got a poem to tell you it's well very said,
that anyone who reads this will fall into bed,
It's soft it's cuddly its warm and well fed,
I bet you know this but you read,
and you sneeze,
but please go brush your teeth.
From, Brittney

Here is a poem from Shelby, a 6th Grader
whose illustration of Super Strawberry is above.

Careless Carlton Corma Todd
made a vow to being odd
He went to the zoo one day
and frightend everyone away
later on he went home
he soon got hungry so he ate his lawn gnome
but first he got out some seasoning
sprinkled it everywhere and didn't say his reasoning
if you think that's weird
check out his beard
theres un-known stains and snarls every which way
you'd think he'd trim it every day!
he is so careless all the time
he bought a ladder he couldnt even climb
Careless Cartlon Corma Todd
Truly is quite odd!

Here are three more poems by Lindsey


I have a really wackey friend, i can't pronounce her name,
It starts with H and ends with G and theres a B and 3 A's,
There is more letters though but i forgot,
I know that there is not a little there is alot!
I play with her at recess and at all the free time,
at christmas she goes crazy, riging the christmas chime!
sometimes she gets annoying, on how wild she can get,
but then I remember..... she is my best friend and in my heart she fits!


My family is a strange one full of Brown, Blond,
and black hair, hazel, blue, and brown eyes.
we're all different yes you see
my brother is not as old as me,
my mom is younger then my dad,
my dad is the oldest (he is not glad!)
we live in 2 house's my parents are divorced,
But they kinda get along,
but they're not on the love course!
we all love eachother equal,
there is no family that could ever be a sequill,
nothing can ever tear us apart ,
because we are one big huge family
and we share one big huge heart!


I have a cat named cocoa, he is very cute,
he is black and has a face that melts you and it's true!
I got him from the vet. and they did not want him to go,
because they loved him dearly and now he had to go, well now i have him
and i am happy so,
and next time someone see's him...... the story they will know!!

Here is a poem by Hilary, a 5th grader at Elmwood.


The shark was evil and funny!
But when he's mad you better runny!

His evil grin was very scary!
His nose was small and very hariy!

If he fools you with his grin!
You better make a simaler fin!

He has sharp little teeth!
He could crunch a tiny leaf!

If he tricks you you better run!
Don't think it's not very fun!

Now he's full and bloated!
The kid was burnt and coated!

The following two poems are from Mr. Lawrence's room.

Caitlin, grade 6, Elmwood, Mr. Lawrence


Our lunch at school is so gross
It seems like its made by a smelly old ghost.
There are fungsy corn dogs
That smell like frogs!
Also the macaroni and cheese bounces like rubber
It seems like it's made with flubber.
Well that's all I can think of so got to go.
So see you later at the North Pole!

Cari, 6th grade, Elmwood, Mr. Lawrence


I hate little smelly buzzy Bees
Just as much as I hate Fleas
I hate them because they sting
Just like I hate the gas station ping
I also hate them because they buzz
people ask why I hate them and I say cuz
that's why I hate little old buzzin' Bees
Just as much as I hate Fleas.

Here is another funny poem
from Lindsey, 5th Grader

Evil Mr. Blum

Evil Mr. Blum
liked to suck his thumb
his thumb was his need
and he was evil indeed
if you see him run!
because he is not much fun!
he'll try and play a trick on you!
because evil things he likes to do!
next time your eating a plum
and you see mr. blum
take no chances run away!
but it's no use because he'll
get you any day!

Here are two more poems
by Brittney, 5th Grader


Every night I go to sleep,
I cry, complain and I weep,
I wish the time would fly with ease,
But when I wake,
I say "Ten more minutes Mommy, Please!"


My feelings are blue, green and maybe even pink,

But my favorite feelings are the ones I can paint with Ink.

Here is a poem by Brittany
of Mr. Peddycord's 6th grade class


Mr.Naners wants to be a teacher,
yes a teacher not a preacher,
He also loves to cllimb the trees,
but he doesn't like the bees,
He is really big,
only because he is a pig,
But when he came out to play,
everyone else ran away.

Here is a new poem by Lindsey, who is now a student at St. Joan of Arc!


Christmas is here and the malls are getting hectic.
Children get their presents and say wow! I didn't expect that!
But what we all should remember is the love that we are try to share.
the love between us all can never be compared.
Jesus made us different, each and every one,
So this Christmas,
don't try to get every present up your sleve,
Because it's much better to give,
than to recieve.

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