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Eastland & Patton Elementary Schools ~ Grades 4, 5 & 6
Here is the 4-5-6th poem inspired by
a blue dolphin from the "magic suitcase."


The dolphin is blue.
The water is too.
It swims in the ocean day after night.
I hope when I'm swimming that it doesn't bite.
Can it kill people? We don't know.
We'll find out when we go below.
(I hope it doesn't bite off my big toe!)

Here is a poem by Michelle from Patton Elementary School
4th grade Mrs. Cozzolino and Mrs. Tocco's class.

Is It Still A Free Country?
Is it still a free country?
I am not sure
If it is a free country,
why do we have to go to school?
Mr. President says it is as free as can be,
but I don't beleive this little jubilee.
So please Mr. President don't make us be
so mad or blue by making us go back to school.....
not being free!!!!
So now do you beleive this little jubilee
that Mr. President made to me??????

Here is a poem by Daniel, of Patton Elementary:


If I could fly
I would want to fly.
If I could fly
I could never die.
If I could fly
I wouldn't never say good-bye.
If I could fly I would soar with the eagles.
If I had one wish, I would wish
it could could be this.

Here is a poem sent in by Alex
from Mrs. Torpey's 3rd grade class
at Patton Elementary.

Homework, Homework, Homework
That's all you ever do.
Homework, Homework, Homework,
My friend Heather has to do it too!
Homework, Homework, Homework,
I rather go to the movies,
Or sit and watch the screen,
If I see homework again it will make me want to scream!!!!!!
Luckily school is almost out,
And I am about to lose my pouts!

Here is a poem from Moriah
from Patton Elementary
in Mrs. Britt's First grade class.

I like friends,
they are nice to me.
Everyone likes friends,
especially me.
I am nice to them,
then they are nice to me.
So that is why I am nice.

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