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Detroit Urban Lutheran ~ 5th - 8th Grades
Inspired by a "Woodstock," a yellow plush bird
with red wings, from the "magic suitcase."


A bird at forty-five ...

if he was real, he wouldn't be alive.

Woodstock is his name,

and Peanuts is his gang.

A yellow bird that hasno fear.

He's tiny. He's little. It's his forty-fifth year.

A yellow bird that has red wings.

Since it's his birthday, everyone sings.

Another poem submitted by Dequante,
a 5th Grader at Detroit Urban Lutheran.


I know you love me.

I know you can see you're my Valentine.

I see you in my path. You're my Sweet Heart.

But you see me in a card.

I fall on February 14. You're my Valentine.

I give you my heart. You're my Valentine.

But I still can tell time. You're my Valentine.

I will be there when you die, even when you touch the sky.

You're my Valentine.

Even when you pay, I can't wait till that day.

You're my Valentine.

This untitled poem was submitted by Andrea,
a 7th Grader at Detroit Urban Lutheran

Babies, Babies, Babies everywhere you go
One hundred babies banging at the door

Crying All Day
Sleeping All The Way

Rachel laughed silently
Damarko talked violently

He is a bad little boy
But likes to play with his toy

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