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Cook Elementary ~ Midland, Michigan
A Perfect Piece of Pie
by the Cook Elementary Poetry Workshop Participants

A perfect piece of pie
Can be round as an eye.

Chewy as taffy - a crumbly crust.
Eating it quickly can cause such a fuss.

Fresh from the oven and full as the moon.
Boy, I need a spoon.
(It will be gone soon.)

I can't get enough
Of this steamy sweet stuff.

Mrs. Merry’s 4th Grade Lumberjack Poetry

 Cook School  - Midland, MI

My arms are made of sinkers,

The cook is very nice,

My sweat is made of honey,

So I get head lice.

By: Zachary



At Lumberjack Camp

Here at lumberjack camp a belly burglar cooks,

She cooks and cleans in a lot of nooks,

She feeds us in the grubhouse,

Where we sit quiet as a mouse.


Here at lumberjack camp,

We are full of lice,

Our beds have the smell of skunk,

Which as you might know is not very nice.


Here at lumberjack camp,

We work so very hard,

All we get in return is to be scared.

By:  Audrey  and Holly




My hamstrings are made of yummy ham,

My brain is made of noodles,

My chest is made of sheep’s wool,

So I blend in with poodles.


My ears are made of eyes,

My eyes are made of ears,

My mouth is made of onions,

So I make a lot of tears.

By: Jack



My toes are made of titanium,

My ax is attracted to trees,

My fingers are sticky with honey,

So I attract a ton of big bees!

By:  Peter and Chandler



My arms are made of maple,

My legs are made of pine,

I chose to be a lumberjack,

But others chose to mine.

By:  Adeena and Emma



My cook ain’t no belly burglar,

My forest is full of green gold,

My saw is made of metal,

So my timber had to be sold!

By:  Samantha  and Beth




My hands are made of iron,

My belly is full of beans,

My muscles are made of green gold,

At least that’s what it seems!

By:  Lauren and Jordan




After Work

We play the squeeze box,

We sing and hum to music,

We have a good time,

-dum diddy dum dum, deed um

By:  Megan  and Karly




My hair is made of timber,

My stomach is full of sinkers,

My head is loaded with lice,

So I am a great big stinker.

By:  Emily and Brianna




My hair is made of lice,

My hand is very limber,

My back is made of wood,

So when I fall I yell “Timber!”

By:  Alissa  and Chloe



My arms are quite powerful,

I chop down the green gold,

My body is all hairy,

And I’m getting very old.


I sleep with lots of people,

The beds are quite lousy,

I wake early every morning,

My stomach is made of good sow belly.


My wrist is made of metal,

My ax is made of steel,

My legs get super cold,

Until the next meal.


I like to play the scratch m’ back,

A small accordian called the squeeze box,

I don’t think Paul Bunyon could do that,

Nor his big blue ox.

By:  Kyle




My jaws are made of steel,

My leg is made of mice,

My eyes are made of onion,

So my hat is full of lice.

By:  Brandon  and Caleb




My back is made of iron,

My arms are made of steel,

My belly is made of sinkers,

So I never miss a meal!!


My legs are made of timber,

My head is made of lice,

My bed is made of hay,

So there has to be mice!

By:  Trent  and Mikalah



My stomach is made of sinkers,

My arms are made of lead,

My nose is made of wood,

So my toes are colored red.


My eyes made of coal,

My hands are made of rocks,

My muscles are made of steel wire,

So my pants are made of socks.


My head is made of paper,

My feet are made of metal,

My neck is made of cotton,

So my legs are made from a kettle.

By: Jarred and Jeff

The Life of a Lumberjack

by Miss Hyatt's 4th grade class

He's as strong as steel and as tough as a boulder

He eats lots of sinkers so he doesn't get colder.

He's as smelly as a skunk when the day is through,

And his beard's very scratchy, oh yes, that is true!

The life of a lumberjack is not very sweet.

They don't have clean clothes and the're not very neat.

They rise before dawn and work well past three.

Cutting tree after tree till the last log is free.

I don't think your life would be very good,

For somone who really doens't like wood!

Here is a poem by Mikalah:

A puffy creamy luscious pie,
Soft like a cloudy sky.
It's a circle and round and
weighs a pound.
It's chewy and white and fluffy,
and will fill up my tummy.

Here is a poem by Adriana:

Pies can be cherry, banana cream.
Pies can be tempting as brownies
Or ice cream too.
Pies are full of steamy sweet stuff.
They are very yummy, too.
They are luscious, dessertish too.
You can make 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5!
But however many you make,
Some people just can't get enough!
So just be nice, share them too.
You never know how many people
will ask you for a piece.
You could make a business!

This poem is from Chloe:

A perfect piece of pie,

Cherry or blueberry,

Puffy as a cloud in the sky.

Round as a clock.

Tick, tock.

Here is a poem by Dorothy M.:

Winter snow is very white
You can see it's quite a sight
It's all fluffy and fairly light
Too bad we have to say good night









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