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Central Elementary ~ Okemos, Michigan
The students of Central wrote the following rhyming acrostic poem
during their Poetry Workshop.


Perfect, fresh, warm from the oven.
It is very round, like a large button.

Interesting flavors, textures and scents.
I wish I could sell it for more than a cent!

Ending soon with a bite and "Yum!"
I ate so much, there is only a crumb.

Here is a rhyming acrostic by Allison M.

inding fish in the sea
A delightful sight I love to see
Inside rivers, but not in trees
Back and forth they weave
See the fish swim so fast
They really want their fun to last

How they love to swim with friends
All the way until the end

Here is another rhyming acrostic poem by Alexis A. (an MSU fan!)


tate is a good team
Especially when they cheer on their theme.
 To win a game they have to try
But if they don't, it's leave or try.
After they win they're very happy
But then they lose their next game and they're not that happy.
 To end the year their ranked number one
Then next year their ranked number thirty one.
End of the year their very sad because their ranked number thirty one
They wish it was last year when they were ranked number one.

Marine-Ayan I.A. wrote the following:


ire is beautiful but also fierce,
Loves to fight, but can have peace.

Inside, it burns with a blaze so strong,
It could really destroy a hole gong!

Really, nothing can tame fire.
It burns and burns like a mute quire.

Enticipating every move it makes,
Is humanly impossible, at its pace.

Here is a second poem (a limerick) by Marine-Ayan:

Blaze the Dragon
There once was a dragon named Blaze,
Who lived in a well hidden maze.
He was emerald green,
And planted green beans.
And had an amazing green gaze.

Here is a poem by Helen W.


ove comes in all shapes & sizes
It usually has lots of prizes
Our children are still loved today
Today, tomorrow…any day!
Vain people have no clue
What love can do to you.
Even though some think it’s disgusting
Many think love is adjusting.

Here is a poem by Stephen.B

Happy Birthday

It's your birthday. Good for you!
I wish that it was mine too.
All the cake your family can bake
I would love to take.
Happy birthday, lucky you.

Here is a rhyming acrostic poem about the "Mall" by Miah N.


Miah loves to shop
Look at the new Gucci boots she got
Ask anybody in her class
They‘ll say “yep she’s got class!”
Liking the mall is what Miah does best
Sure sometimes the stores can be a mess 
Looking in the window shop
Really makes Miah’s heart drop

Here are two poems by Andria W. The first is about Central Elementary's favorite topic: PIE!

ie comes in every flavor
so just do me a favor 
I don't like cherry pie
don't buy it, I do not lie
 Eating pie I like to do.
Paying, well, it just won't do.

Andrea W.'s second poem is about a frightened mouse.

The Mouse with Tight Shoes

There once was a mouse in the zoo
at the zoo, it wore black new shoes.
The mouse found them tight;
it gave him a fright,
so it fled from the zoo at night.


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