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Brooks Elementary School ~ Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade
Inspired by a silver saxaphone
with colorful keys from the "magic suitcase."


The saxaphone had colored keys.

The saxaphone was played with ease.

It had a deep, rough sound like a dog in the pound

and had colors like a rainbow touching the ground.

Jazzy music, spazzy music, silver-like chrome.

A nice museum makes it feel at home.

Here is a poem by Ashley a 5th grader in Mr. Lacey's class.

"Spirits running, slithering across the cold hard cement
trying to find a soul to take
but the wind blows it into weeds and forest clinging
up the crease of the trees flowing with the wind on thebranches.
Haunting the cold, dark, white, puffy night,
. the wind makes the night haunted!"

Here is a poem by Cody, a 3rd grader in Mrs. Hojnacki's class.

"A hound in the pound
has nothing to round.
That made me frowned."

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