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Briarwood Elementary ~ 4th & 5th Grade
This poem is a rhyming acrostic. The Briarwood
students chose to write a poem about "fudge."


Fudge, yum, yum, yum. It'd like to buy it all.
Fudge, yum, yum, yum. Buy it at the mall.

Unbelievable flavors — they taste so fine.
Mackinac Island visitors buy it all the time.

Delicious peanutbutter, and tasty double fudge;
so many good flavors, that I cannot judge.

Great delicious fudge. It's so good!
For breakfast lunch and dinner, I'd have it if I could.

Exciting, excellent flavor — there's so much to munch.
I like it so much, I can eat a whole bunch.

Here is a poem by Tea.

Tea is the best!
She rocks at school

Every day she rules!
Rules for her are easy to follow.

A+ on all of her work!
A+ A+ every were on her papers.

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