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Barnes & Noble Poetry Contest Winners!!!
Congratulations to all the participants and winners of the

Barnes & NoblePoetry Contest!

First Place Winner

The first place winner was M.A. Gardiner, age 8, of Marquette.

Michigan Places

I once lived in a cabin

Where there were lakes that sparkled like silk.

I also lived in Howell

Where I caught frogs and ideas.

Petoskey was another place I lived

Where I rode my bike in the breezy winds.

I lived in Hourghton

Where the apartments were stacked like blocks.

In St. Ignace the nights were so peaceful I could only hear the crickets chirp.

And now I am living in Marquette

Where the snow drifts down like cotton.

Passing from place to place

Like an owl passing from tree to tree

Losing friends as I go

Yet gaining them too

I move on and on like the day.

It starts with the sunrise

Which gleams like gold

and ends with the peaceful dark night.

Each place in Michigan different

And yet in some ways the same

For God is always watching over me

Wherever I go in Michigan.

Second Place Winner

The second place prize went to T. Huttenlocher, age 12, of Clarkston.

Got Michigan

Hello, this is Michigan calling.

Yeah, it's a soliciting call.

But if you give me a moment

You'll see that my state has it all

From the robins in the bushes

To the dunes of Sleeping Bear

This state is rich in treasures

From Copper harbor past Bellaire.

Our state is known for cherries

And apple blossoms, too.

Detroit is full of industries

Making things form me and you.

And we wouldn't have much pride to state

If it weren't for the lakes so great.

We've got Mackinac Island

Oh, delicious fudge galore.

And you have the bridge to think of,

Connects top and bottom shore.

And there's also skiing.

Our state has ideal weather.

Shanty, Boyne and Nubs Nob

Bring you and skis together.

There are lots of things to do right here

On this state shaped like a glove.

Thought I've mentioned few, you see

That Michigan = Love.

And now that I'm done talking,

I think we can agree...

Hello? HELLO? Are you still there?

They all hang up on me!!!

I think I'm going to quit this job

And move to Tennessee.

Third Place Winner

The Third Place Winner is J. J. Williams, age 10, of Clarkston.

Summer in Michigan

Sunny days.

Tanning rays.

Speeding boats.

Fun that floats.

Swimming fast.

Don't be last!

East a s'more.

Give me more!

Make a bonfire.

Change a bike tire.

Go on a boat ride.

Watch the Great Lake tide.

Let's go fish.

Find a star and start to wish.

Eat your fill.

Climb a hill.

Go on a hike.

Catch some pike.

Catching frogs.

Walking dogs.

No more school.

That's so cool.

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