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Baker Elementary School
Inspired by orange-colored plastic tongs from the "magic suitcase."


They're used to pick up stinky socks

or to pick at rusty locks.

You can use them as chop sticks to eat Chinese soup

or even to pick up your dog's stinky poop.

I used it to pull out a tooth of a moose,

and also to pluck feathers right out of a goose.

I use it to pick out the hair from my nose

and also for picking the fuzz from my toes ---

and that is how the story goes.

Here is a poem by Kellie


Theres a polar bear in the Frigidaire. I dont know where he came from he looks
like a grizzley bear because he fuzzy like one with his eyes so small and his
head so big it looks like he's kinda bent but he looks so mean and he likes my
mom's green beans but hes really sweet how do I know?i do I met him a long
time ago back in US

Here is a poem by Devin Berg
from Baker Elemantary

There once was a mummy,
who was a real dummy,
He was flying and landed in the mud
and said that was a dud!

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