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Ardmore Elementary School ~ Kindegarten- 1st & 2nd Grades
Inspired by a chubby plastic airplane
from the Magic Suitcase:


My little toy airplane glides on three wheels.
The gliding is smooth — that’s how it feels.
It’s sitting at the airport about to get clean.
It’s the smiliest airplane I’ve ever seen.

Ms. Rodgers,

This is a poem sent over by Ms. Tomich and her
Third Grade class (on the same day as The Poetry Lady visit!)


Our third grade class is smart and fun.

We like to think we’re #1.

We’re at Ardmore School in Room 4.

We like to read and write for sure.

Thinking is sometimes hard to do,

But we like to learn things that are new.

Thank you for coming to visit us.

We know for you, Poetry is a must.

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