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Alumni Elementary
Here is a poem inspired by
a Felix the Cat toy from
the "magic suitcase."


Felix the Cat does not wear a hat
because a bat stole his hat.
He's black and he wears a red bow tie
and he uses both white and black hair dye.
He has big round eyes like he was surprised.
That's because he was traumatized.

Here is a poem from Noel:

This is just to say:

I have eaten the candy
that was in dads dresser
which dad didn't want me to eat.

Forgive me they were calling me
so chewy and so sweet.

Here is a poem from Max:

Max is a shy Pax.
a Pax as you know is a Max.

he has secrets to share
like he sleeps in his underwear.

He also has a teddy bear.
It has big long tear.

When he sits at home.
He wishes he was a gnome.

He pretends he's Harry Potter
And an ocean otter.

Now you know a max.
He's known as Max the Pax!

Here is a poem from Noel,
a student at Alumni

Love .... I wish a wish I wish tonight
that thous true love be by thy side
and care for all thy life until thee end of all time.

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